Learning to pray using the Word of God

June 24, 2010

One of the most meaningful ways to pray and to meet with God is to use Scripture in our prayer life.   You may ask, ‘Well how do I pray using the Bible, the Word of God?”  While there are many portions of the Bible we can go to for prayer, perhaps there is no better place to begin than the book of Psalms.

Let us go to Psalm 27 where we will look at three facets of learning to pray through Scripture.  The first area is the area of worship and thanksgiving to God Himself.   Psalm 27:1 reads, “The Lord is my light and my salvation—whom shall I fear?  The Lord is the stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid.”    A way to take this verse and utilize in worship and thanksgiving is to tell God, “Lord, I praise you and thank you that you are my light and my salvation.  I praise you that when I believe that you are the stronghold of my life, I don’t have to be anxious or afraid, because you are in control.”

A second area of praying through Scripture is personalizing it.  Psalm 27 is already personalized, so let us take another familiar verse of the Bible to show how we personalize it in our prayer life, John 3:16.  “God I thank you that you loved me so much that you sent Jesus to the world that I would not perish in my sin but live with you forever and ever.

A third and final area of praying through Scripture can be intercession, or praying for others.  Again let us take John 3:16 as an example, “God, I know you love my Uncle Jim so much you sent Jesus to die for his sin; I pray now that Uncle Jim would trust you with his life.  I pray that he would not perish in his sin, but come to know you and have everlasting life.”

I encourage you to open the word of God and begin praying.  Begin with the Psalms or another familiar portion of Scripture and begin worshipping and thanking God, taking on the promises of God as your own (personalizing it), and then praying for others (intercession).  When you do that another dimension of prayer will be open to you.  And I have learned that God returns ten fold every minute of time with Him with spiritual growth, blessings, and most of all His presence.


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